Sunday, October 29, 2006

Web Developments

This semester I've enrolled in a digital media production class where I've learned some of the secrets to building websites. I'm still a beginner, but you can sample some of my work and see what you think. My home page is bursting with information about me, and it has some previews of my music as well as pictures from a lot of my trips, and if you really want it, my resume in both html and PDF formats.

The Chinese minorities site is a new project, and it focuses on people groups with whom I've had direct contact. I've only updated three of the people groups so far, but I'm thinking about doing all 56 minorities that are registered by the government, focusing on things not mentioned by other sites. Forays into my web designs will give you a much needed break from the China narrative. If you don't have Chinese characters enabled, the design suffers a bit. I think I'll improve it when I have some knowledge of photo-editing software.

Tell me what you think about the sites. The personal site has a feedback page, but you'll have to come here to bash (or praise) my minorities site. Here we go:



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