Thursday, October 12, 2006


Without knowing about the food, you can't possibly get an accurate portrayal of China. Food is inextricably linked to daily life and community, especially in rural areas. So, along with the devotions, I'll be giving you glimpses of some of our meals as well. What you see may shock or surprise you, but as I said in the post about the school, you'll be surprised what you can do outside of your fat-and-happy American context.

Today's Menu at a garden restauraunt included:

-Black chicken soup, complete with head and feet. We took a picture of the chicken as if he were lying in a bathtub surrounded by spices and his own severed limbs.

-Pineapple steamed rice, an amazing sweet supplement to the salty and spicy meal. Good to anybody's taste buds, American or Chinese. Prepared by coring a pineapple, scooping out the insides and mixing them with freshly steamed rice. The mix is then put back into the pineapple and covered with the pineapple's original top, allowing the flavor to really marinate.

There's countless other things to list, but these are some of the highlights from the feast. Almost every meal like this was served with some sort of bamboo chutes, spicy noodles or other delights.

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