Friday, November 23, 2007

Chuck Norris Hearts Huckabee

It might be a bit too early for me to endorse a candidate, but as a Republican, right now I'm liking Mike Huckabee, a former Baptist pastor and Arkansas governor. He seems like a genuine social conservative, unlike many of the front-runners in the Republican field, and although inexperience in foreign policy may prove to be one of his weaknesses, he exudes humble confidence and likeability, two characteristics that are in very high demand in the coming presidential campaign.

Like other Republicans, I fear another, albeit estrogen-charged, Clinton administration, but I have a bit more faith in the democratic process than some conservatives. What I mean is that with Giuliani leading most Republican polls (and good ole Pat Robertson endorsing a pro-choice candidate), it seems that we're basing our decision on the candidate's likelihood of beating Hillary rather than their real stance on issues. For one, Hillary has not yet won the Dems' nomination, and also, I think that to cast a vote as a defensive measure is to misuse our freedoms and shortchange the dark horses in the upcoming primaries. It's obvious that a third-party will never win under the current system, but let's at least let non-celebrities compete if they have good ideas.

Huckabee, because he's a cellar-dweller with regard to fundraising, plays the underdog card well, and I think his recent success in the Iowa polls suggests that we really do live in a democracy and that it's not all about the Benjamins when it comes to politics. Campaign contributions drain money that could have been invested elsewhere, and if Huckabee had all the support in the world, he wouldn't have had to come up with the innovative Chuck Norris ad. With his shrewd use of currently limited resources, the pastor might earn trust in potential contributors and could eventually prove Jesus' words that he who is faithful with a little will be given more.


Drew said...

I'm with you on Huckabee. He seems to be extremely pro-life and he also endorses the "Fair-Tax" plan. I'm not sure that he can win because money and star quality seem to be so important these days, as you referenced. I'm still predicting John Edwards as our next President.

Trevor Williams said...

The more I watch John Edwards, the more disgusted I become. He really is the most liberal dude on the planet. Not only is he going to single-handedly rid the world of CO2 emissions, but he's going to do it while balancing the budget and providing free health care for everyone on EARTH!

With regard to Huckabee, I do love that he's a fair-tax guy. While I think the IRS is too huge of a government entity for any president to take down alone, I think it's cool to see someone with a big, revolutionary idea that will put more money in the hands of those who actually earn it.