Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ending the Drought - 1 New Post, 2 New Songs

Wow. This blog has been fallow for way too long. A few months ago I posted on Twitter the fact that I should probably remove the word "blogger" from my profile in an effort toward truthfulness. The truth is, today marks a terrible inverted milestone that really hurts what little credibility I had as a blogger in the first place: It has been long three months since the last post here.

There is some good news in all this for the few folks out there who are into my music. My absence from the blogosphere hasn't been totally unproductive. Amid my ongoing work as a reporter and trips to South Korea, Maine, Costa Rica, Texas and Mississippi, I've been able to grind out two new songs.

Well, I say "new," but again, I should be truthful. It's evident by the subject matter of these songs that they were written quite awhile ago, but their journey from pen to paper to performance to recording has moved at a snail's pace. They both deal with times before I was married. Katy and I just celebrated our two-year anniversary in June, which should give you a clue as to how long it's been since I laid down some new tracks.

"Arizona" talks about the desire to get away from all the hullabaloo that comes along with getting married. Getting through all the well-intentioned but exhausting congratulations, the necessary but tedious preparations, is quite a feat, and I think guys (who don't relish the whole wedding process quite as much as our female counterparts) will especially relate to how ready I was to get away from the Georgia pines and off to the serenity of dusty Arizona, where Katy and I went for our honeymoon. Preview the song and download it here.

"Home to you" digs back even further in the Katy-Trevor saga, to the days when we were trying to make a long-distance relationship work. At that point, I was questioning whether all the miles were worth the waiting game that we had to play. Would a family emerge out of our endless driving and the striving? Was the relationship worth all the weekend trips, the gas money, the hurt of being apart five days per week? Looking back, I'm glad to say that it was, but things weren't always so clear. This song, I hope, captures the frustration of not knowing what lay at the end of the road we were traveling. Click here to preview and/or download it.

Both songs are free. The quality's not astounding. These were done in my home studio, so let me know how I can improve. I'm an OK writer but a terrible producer. Hopefully I won't go three more months before making more noise on this blog.

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Larry said...

Especially like "Home To You", amigo - anyone who's ever had to pursue a long distance relationship will immediately identify with the heart behind the words. Good job. You'd do well with this if you spent more time doing it, but good luck with that... :-)