Saturday, February 14, 2009

Free Music, New Features on My Blog

I've just won a wrestling match with my blog. After much bloodshed, I finally updated the sidebar content with square buttons that link to my Facebook, Twitter, YouTube sites and the RSS feed of my blog posts.

Many people who come to this site probably don't know that I play music, so I've added a music section in the sidebar just below the network section. There, you can listen to or download 10 of my songs.

I plan to eventually add more, but it'd probably help if I recorded them first. Hopefully, once I have a tidy compendium of songs, I'll set up a donate button where I allow free downloads but ask people to donate to some charitable cause in China. I'm not a full-time musician and have no desire to be one, so I can only spend the time and effort to produce music if I know it's going to be bettering people's lives.

Let me know what you think of the music and the look of the designs on the right, even if you think both are horrendous. I'm just happy I was able to pin this down and that my blog didn't make me tap out before I got it done.

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