Thursday, December 04, 2008

UGA Still Top 5 in One Ranking

While the University of Georgia has fallen from its preseason perch at the top of the college football rankings to No. 17 after its loss to rival Georgia Tech, the old alma mater is still top 5 in one important ranking.

For 2007-08, UGA had the fifth-highest amount of students enrolled in study abroad programs of any school in the country, public or private.  Georgia's flagship institution doubled the techies in that regard, 2086 to a meager 1001.

That doesn't take the sting (pun intended) away from Tech's 45-42 victory and UGA's freefall over the course of the highly anticipated 2008 football season, but at least we can take pride that we'll have a globally minded, highly educated state population. 

Because that's what everybody cares about on the weekend of the SEC championship game, right?


Stephen said...

Roll Tide to that.

Anonymous said...

lol, if a Tech grad posted this, he would immediately be labeled as a nerd by his UGA brethren. Let's be objective about this:

UGA just lost to what is probably the weakest, depthless, most patched together Tech team Paul Johnson will ever have. 65 scholarship players, almost the entire starting lineup of freshman or sophomores, We had 4 defensive starters out with injuries, and a patched together offensive line with converted tight ends and they still ran for over 400 yards.

Back to your argument, let me offer you a basic lesson in comparative statistics. UGA has roughly a 78% larger student enrollment than GT. Comparing the proportions of study abroad enrollment to overall student enrollment yields percentages of 5.9% to 5.1% respectively, not a statistically significant difference.

Better luck next time.

Trevor Williams said...

I assume the anonymous person above is a bit sensitive. If you couldn't read this and tell that it was sarcasm meant to put down my own team, maybe you should go back to Tech for some more education, or try a school where they use words too, not just numbers.

The fact that you took this seriously enough to write such a long-winded "refutation" of what you thought was my intention shows how much of a sore spot was left after seven years of gridiron beatdowns.

As far as comparative statistics, I admit I wasn't a math major, but there's no need for the lesson. The article wouldn't have the same sarcastic tone if I'd gone into the technicalities of the stats, now would it?

Lighten up a little bit. Your team won! Savor the moment.