Wednesday, October 08, 2008

My interview with Louvre Director Henri Loyrette

I'm not too artsy, but even I got excited when I was told I'd be able interview the top official from arguably the greatest museum in the world about his interaction with Atlanta's High Museum of Art. See the video below. The article will be posted on GlobalAtlanta's Web site later today.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful opportunity, Trev! When I saw that you had had this interview, of course, it being with anything French, I was taken in. Seeing such an influential person in the art world, especially of the Louvre, must have been so inspiring. Your interview went very smoothly and the questions were quite thought provoking. Great job! Cheers-Jess

Trevor Williams said...

Thanks, Jess. Sorry I'm just now responding to your comment. Mr. Loyrette's a very interesting character, a sort of maverick when it comes to fund-raising methods and sending some of the Louvre's artworks outside of France.

Although some believe that the Louvre should keep its masterpieces under a close eye at home, Loyrette believes they should be shared with the world, to the financial benefit of the Louvre. He said the Louvre is a "universal museum" that should be shared with the world.

This ultimately will help the Louvre gain more funding. Its annual support from the French govt has been cut in half. The Louvre got $18 million from ATL for the Louvre ATL partnership and is getting like $900 million for an upcoming franchise-type deal in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

If you're really interested, check out our Louvre Atlanta special report here:

Anonymous said...

Took me time to read the whole article, the article is great but the comments bring more brainstorm ideas, thanks.

- Johnson

Anonymous said...

How did you get in contact with him? I would like to contact him for an interview for a project that I'm doing.