Saturday, March 10, 2007

Spring Broke

So, it's spring break again. For the fourth time in my college career. The set of dates hasn't changed. My laziness leading up to the break wasn't any different. But an important detail is not the same: Trevor Williams is staying in the country.

For the past three years, spring break has held the promise of international adventure. My freshman year, I took a free journalism trip to Jordan, the oft-forgotten "other" Holy Land. Sophomore year, I toured Southeast Asia, visiting Thailand and Laos en route to a VCD-bombing mission in southern China. Last year, I trekked across Coiba, a massive island off Panama's Pacific coast that served as a prison colony until a few years ago.

So what about this year? I have traded the exotic for the mundane, adventure for practicality. I will be painting an office building. The upside? This time I'll be putting money into my bank account rather than emptying it. The downside? I had to watch as all my roommates packed their bags for mission trips in Central and South America and the Caribbean, scolding myself as I coveted their adventures.

But God has something for me this spring break, and I don't just mean a few hundred bucks. Through working, waiting and praying for my friends on mission, God's going to teach me discipline. I can't go abroad all the time, but I can do God's work right where I am. Learning to be faithful to him is the greatest adventure we can ask for.

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