Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Searchin' for a Little Love

The above title is my idea for a slogan to represent Goodsearch, the relatively new search engine that allows internet junkies to throw a little change toward their charity of choice. Users can select their charity from a growing list of non-profit organizations, and Goodsearch deposits 50 percent of ad revenue from every search into the charity's account.

The search is particularly profitable for organizations with a large and dedicated membership, like schools and churches, but many still have not jumped on the bandwagon. My elementary school back in Columbus is probably collecting pop-tops from aluminum cans, not knowing that in the time it took to rip them off and stick them in a ziplock bag, they could've made about the same amount of money from an internet search that they needed to complete anyway.

At the University of Georgia and other institutes of higher education, computers are both a necessity and an indulgence. Students can hardly spend 10 minutes without checking email or updating their profile on Facebook or myspace, and students are the highest population segment conducting research at a given time.

The UGA Wesley Foundation is one of only four organizations at UGA to take advantage of this internet-crazed market. Although its earnings have declined in the past few months, the campus ministry has raked in over $500 since Goodsearch unveiled its plans last June. It may not seem like a lot, but a campus ministry always has limited funding, and each little bit helps.

If you want to join the giving tree, go to and enter the name of your charity in the form below the search box. I would recommend downloading the toolbar. That way, Goodsearch's golden halo hovers at the top of your browser, and your charity stays locked in a form right next to the search box. But don't abandon Google altogether, Call me a backslider, but I think the monstrous search engine works better if you need a broader range of results.

Recommended charities:

First, if you go to a church, I would recommend pitching this search engine to your congregation and setting up an account if you can garner some interest. Or, if you want to go the more selfless route, I suggest you help one of the numerous missions organizations already signed up for the service:

-The International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention has one of the widest and most complex infrastructures of any Christian organization, but it has only gained four bucks off Goodsearch. I don't think Goodsearch should supplant Lottie Moon, but I don't think Lottie would object to a little change in her pocket.

-Gospel for Asia-Check the link on the right of this screen for more information.

-Voice of the Martyrs-helps Christians suffering persecution around the globe.

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